During decades Chiloé has been considered the base of the expeditions towards the south of Chile and Patagonia, this is where big explorations started, from the discovery of San Rafael lagoon, to the takeover of the Estrecho de Magallanes (Strait of Magallanes), it has been considered The Captain of the Rutas Australes (Austral Routes) and many Jesuit missionaries gave their lives evangelizing and colonizing big part of their islands. That is how numerous churches that today have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site were born.

That being the case, Skorpios Cruises opens a new touristic route adressed to these islands of the territory of insular Chiloé so tourists can get to know the essence of the Chilote people and their customs.

VELICHE Route, is the name that we have given this trip, that in mapudungun means “People of the South “, in memory of those old navigators that gave birth to the Chilote people.

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