Located in the commune of Queilen, on Chiloé’s large island, Islote Conejos attracts tourists with its extraordinary biodiversity, in addition to the penguins that travel to the islet every season and which are the main tourist attraction of the place.
Islote Conejos is 65 kilometres from Castro, in the Queilen channel, and it is known for a colony of some five hundred Magellanic penguins that nest there every summer, and coexist in complete harmony with the endemic fauna, which consists mainly of herons, “quetros” or local steamer ducks, “ostreros” or oystercatchers and “zarapitos” curlews; the latter are migratory birds that travel thousands of kilometres from Alaska to rest and feed on Chilote shores.
Other regular visitors to these waters are Austral and Chilean dolphins, which playfully greet every craft that sails through the place. You can also catch sight of sea lions, black shearwaters, cormorants, and with luck you might see the timid Burmeister’s porpoise.
We disembark here and silently approach this islet that is a real bird sanctuary; the excursion does not include going ashore so as to protect this bird habitat. The excursion has an approximate duration of one hour.

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