Sailing south from Puerto Montt, on the the Chonos Route, you will enter a labyrinth of beautiful channels and fjords. According to scientists, this is where the Andes Mountains sink into the sea, giving birth to numerous islands which, specialists believe, total over 6,000 from this point to Cape Horn. We cross three achipelagos on the Chonos Route: Llanquihue, Chiloé and las Guaitecas. All these channels and fjords have thick forests and a beautiful flora and fauna.

Sailing the channels involves constant movement, routes are short, and we see how islands pass us by, as we enter another channel – there is no time for leisure, and sitting on the open deck makes you feels as if you were sitting in first row stalls in a cinema, watching the best nature and wildlife film. The channels also provide smooth and safe sailing, with our ship close to the coast, with no large waves to threaten our smooth progress.

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