The flora and fauna of these latitudes is spectacular Heavy rainfall creates a dense southern forest, rich in a large variety of trees, plants and flowers, which delight the visitor. The most outstanding are the Chilco or fuchsia; the giant ferns; the Ciprés de las Guaitecas (Pilgerodenrdon Uniferum), whose wood does not rot; the Canelo (drimys winteri), the sacred tree of the Mapuche; Lenga beeches, and the millenary larches, all abound in these latitudes, We also have the nalca or pangue, the Chilean rhubarb (gunnera tinctoria), with its huge leaves which the local indians use as shelter from the rain and for cooking. Ferns and colourful flowers contrast with the evergreen forests.

The Patagonian fauna is very varied: sea lions, dolphins whales, sea leopards, steamer ducks, cormorants, chucaos, seagulls, black necked swans, and belted kingfishers delight Skorpios passengers Large numbers of blue whales have been sighted in the Golfo de Corcovado for the past eight years, and they can be seen from the ship.

Special mention should be made of austral dolphins or toninas, as they are frequently seen swimming close to the ship or the excursion boats.

You must remember that the Patagonian fauna is wild, which means that they do not always show themselves.

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