Located in the Aysen region, south of the charming fishing village Puerto Aguirre (45.43333º Sued und 73.55º West) is a formation of rocky islets which one can access after navigating the channel of Pilcomayo and the pass of Casma.

Here you can find one of the largest sea bird colonies of the region counting Kelp Gulls, Rock shags, Red-legged cormorants and Imperial shags. Our excursion consists in approaching the islets observing nests, young chicks as well as the fully grown birds.

It is an impressing experience to be close to one of the largest bird colonies in Chile. In the surrounding areas of the islets one can also find many South American fur seals which are known for changing their fur color twice a year.

These birds and mammals enjoy the absence of predators and the good water conditions encouraging their settlement and reproduction.

Islotes Barrientos… a great gathering of the unique Chilean fauna.

Islote Barrientos Map

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