A fishing village, in the very heart of the Archipiélago de las Guaitecas, which was the land of the Chono people. This is a picturesque village; its fishermen settled there in 1940 and began to build their houses and narrow streets, as motor traffic was not an option then. Today, the village has basic utilities, a school, a first aid station, etc.

It has a total population of 1,800 inhabitants, most of whom earn their living fishing. Cruceros Skorpios began to visit this village ever since it began operating in the area in 1978, and it was the village children who showed enormous interest in approaching the ship and talking with the tourists, and even acting as their guides. This tradition continues today, and every Sunday morning the dock fills will children waiting for the arrival of Skorpios II.

Puerto Aguirre’s concrete cobbled streets lead us to a mirador; the other possibility is to trek along an Austral forest path, cared for by the National Forestry Office (Conaf) and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding trees and their colours.

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