There are only two options for sailing from Puerto Natales to the Magellanic channels and the glaciers of the Southern Ice Field: one is the Canal Kirke, which we cover at the beginning of the tour, and the other is Angostura White, which is only 80 metres wide, where Skorpios III carries out an interesting navigational maneouvre. This is the last excursion on our programme, and we carry it out as soon as the ship clears these narrows. We lower our exploration boats and sail into the islands and channels in the area. A place filled with lush trees that reach the sea. If we are lucky, we will able to sight cormorants, quetros and carancas and their chicks. Two haired seals and dolphins also abound in the area, as the tides attract a variety of fish on which these animals feed.

While sailing along these channels, close to the shore we can imagine how the Kaweskar, the original inhabitants of these lands, lived.

Kaweskar Route Map

Satellite Map