We begin our cruise from Puerto Natales through Angostura Kirke, heading north through the Morla Vicuña, Seno Unión, Collingwood, Canal Sarmiento, Concepción and Wide Channels. While we sail along these channels and fjords, we are thrilled by an impressive landscape filled with chiaroscuros, where the mountain merges with a rock-strewn sea; a land attacked by wind; where glaciers continue their slow work of mashing rocks, digging valleys and enormous channels that were explored by legendary navigators like Ladrillero, Darwin or Fitz Roy, among many others.

Cruceros Skorpios offers you the opportunity to sail through these channels and fjords, coming close to the coast to admire its vegetation and geography and the incredible strength of the winds in this region.

Channels and fjords you will never forget.

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