Located 23 kilometres north of Puerto Natales, this Natural Monument consists of three caves and a rock formation called “The Devil’s chair”. Most of these caves are 150 m above sea level and have the following dimensions: 30 metres high, 80 wide and 200 metres deep. The scientific interest of the site lies in the discovery in 1895 of the skin and bones of an extinct animal called the Mylodon (Mylodon darwini), a large herbivore that most probably disappeared at the end of the Pleistocene Age. Apart from the historical, scientific and cultural value of the Cueva del Milodón, it offers an additional attraction, which is the beauty of its landscape and surroundings. The area corresponds to a transition between steppe and forest and its flora includes ñires, calafates and romerillo. Animal life abounds, especially where birds are concerned.

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