This place is the most beautiful location in the Chilean fjord and glacier region; to get there, we must trek through the Andes Mountains and reach a natural amphitheatre. We are the only Chilean shipping company to reach this area; we are surrounded by ice, and we get a feeling of real Antarctic, but the mountains that surround us and their stands of trees indicate a warmer Patagonia.

In this excursion, Skorpios III will approach the glaciers, and for this we will board the “Capitan Constantino”, a veritable ice SUV. It is a small support vessel which will take us to fiordo Calvo, where we will sight six glaciers that fill these waters with colourful and multiform ice floes. This is where we make our traditional 12 by 30 toast with whisky and millenary ice. The excursion lasts for about three and a half hours, and we reach absolutely virgin, pristine sites, which are inaccessible to other boats. To sail among icebergs is a totally unique, different sensation, which you are not likely to forget while you look at mountains and ice floes that take you back to the Ice Age.

Skorpios gives you the chance to face nature at its most indomitable and unique.

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