Nature in this area is enormously varied: ducks, quetros, dolphins, cormorants, cypresses, lengas ñires, ferns, etc., all of which will astonish those who regard the planet from an environmental point of view During our tour, we will see a large variety of birds on the cliffs and in the forests. We will also see dolphins cavorting next to the ship or the excursion boats. The fauna of the region is absolutely wild and for this reason we ask our passengers to care for them and not interfere with their surroundings. The bird population increases between December and March, as these are the months in which they breed.

Patagonian trees are intensely green, with coigue leaves changing to yellow and red in autumn, after which they fall off.

These humid forests are varied in terms of soils and flora, and are known as the “Valdivia Forest”, with one of the highest rainfalls in the world.

Cruceros Skorpios gives you the chance to see local flora and fauna in its natural state.

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