On sailing along the Fiordo de las Montañas, we sight various glaciers, the penultimate being the Alsina, a steep tongue of ice that comes down the mountains towards the sea until it reaches a tiny bay protected from the strong winds that prevail in the area. We lower our exploration boats and sail along shallow channels with an abundance of rocks and algae, which the Skorpios crewmen negotiate with ease. Once we reach the bay, we see his small but impressive glacier,, with its light blue, dark blue and white ice, and its crevices and ice towers, and if we are lucky, we shall be able to see an ice fall.

When the engines stop for a moment, we can hear the tinkling of the ice in the water, together with the sound of the ice inside the glacier.

This glacier renders us speechless and reminds us that we must care for our planet, as it already has a rock formation that indicates that the glacier is entering its final phase. This depends on us; if we care for the planet and avoid global warming, our great grandchildren might get to see this natural wonder.

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