Following the Estero Peel, we reach Glaciar Amalia, located in the very centre of the Southern Ice Field. Its long silhouette seems to hang down from the mountains; it is an incredible spectacle. Its ice towers and its contrasting colours are absolutely fascinating.

This glacier belongs to the Southern Ice Field, which is the third most important water reserve in the world. Glaciar Amalia has an approximate width of 25 km and a height of 70 m. Its ice mass is fed mainly by the heavy snowfall that prevails during the year. M/V Skorpios III sails for this veritable paradise, and we then travel through it from north to south in order to enjoy its splendid blue hues. Its enormous scientific relevance lies in the fact that its ice core contains a volcano, called the Reclus: a total mystery for vulcanologists in terms of location and behavior.

We also put our passengers down on a beach, taking them on a 1-kilomtre trek to a mirador, which will give us a panoramic view of this Patagonian structure.

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