Sailing through the Fiordo de las Montañas, we come to Glaciar Bernal, a structure that has reached its final glaciological stage as its ice no longer reaches the sea; it lies on rocks and a lagoon created by its melting ice. Here, like veritable explorers, we will lower our boats, walk to its base, and touch its pollution-free ice This place is a veritable open air classroom which shows us the advance and retreat of glaciers, and the formation of their frontal and lateral moraines, together with observing the strength with which they shape their environment When we look at the hills and stones that flank it, we see how nature and its moss and lichens, have slowly colonized the place and generated life. On disembarking, we see a forest of coigues and lengas, which is beginning to show incredible autumn colours. We continue along our trek, coming to a turquoise lagoon whose colour is the result of glacier sediment and the crushed stones that lie in its bed.

Glaciar Bernal, a Giant on the way to extinction.

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