Glaciar El Brujo is the impressive and magnificent glacier located at the end of Fiordo Asia. Glaciar El Brujo is an enormous ice wall that fascinates the traveler.

For this tour, we will lower our excursion boats and approach the site, to disembark on an incomplete magmatic rock, which volcanologists call “garbo”. On going ashore we walk on the rock, which is rather slippery when it rains, but is like walking on sandpaper in good weather, so that our shoes manage to get a good grip.

We are so near this glacier that we can even touch its ice formations and take photographs of the ice floes stranded on the rocks. The place also gives us the chance to watch how the floes shatter at a height of more than 70 metres and observe the glacier’s 2 kilometre wide structure. We are undoubtedly in the midst of absolutely virgin land.

Kaweskar Route Map

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