At the end of the Pitt Channel, beyond Chatham Island, we find on the port side the entrance to the Guillard Fjord or Sine. A small entrance between mountains flanks its entry and slowly the MV Skorpios III sails this wonderful 10-mile fjord to where we will anchor. Its beauty is breathtaking; surrounded, as we are, by enormous mountains of an intense green, their lofty peaks crowned by eternal ice and snow.

Once anchored in this place, a beautiful and imposing Glacier appears before us: the Guilliard, which descends from the Andes mountain range to deposit its ice in a huge glacial moraine, with a river delta that, depending on depth conditions, will allow us to navigate it and make different excursions on land and see firsthand how the vegetation, once the ice is removed, begins to colonize this place.

This fjord is in a position from mountain range to sea, that is, from East to West, protecting us from the intense winds of Patagonia.

Guillard Glacier, a sanctuary of Patagonian beauty.

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