Sailing north from Puerto Natales, at the end of Pitt channel, past Chatham Island, we find a small bay surrounded by beautiful hills and extensive vegetation: it is Sarratea Bay (50° 25,901´S 074° 11,262´W). Here, at the end of the day, we will make an excursion, boarding our exploration boats to explore its shores, appreciating nature in its wild state of lush vegetation. This tour allows us to understand the weather conditions in which the ancient navigators of Patagonia, the Kaweskar, lived.

It will also be possible to appreciate ancient trees such as lenga beech in the cusps of the hills, and on the banks abundant cypresses, cinnamon trees, Patagonian oaks (pellines), and Laureliopsis philipianna (tepas), with abundant mosses, ferns, and lichens.

The fauna and seabirds are also present in this bay of great size, which acts as a great refuge.

Sarratea Bay, a connection with that Patagonia of harsh climate and strong winds.

Kaweskar Route Map

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