Aldachildo, in the Huilliche native tongue means “beautiful Chilcos”. The coastal area counts with an extended fine sand beach that surrounds this location, regarding this, not only the town is organized, but it also generates an important part of the communal living, associated to productive and extractive of the natural resources and the development of traditional craftmanship. That’s also where an important part of public and recreative spaces of the area take place. Here you can find people fishing for shellfish that constitute that specialty in this zone.
It’s main appealing is the Jesús Nazareno of Aldachildo church declared a national monument according to the Supreme Decree Monument N°2221 dated August 10th, 1991, and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on November the 30th of 2000.

It is believed to have been built on 1910 and the used materials were Ciprés, Coigüe; and Alerce for the outside, mostly native trees. On the inside, its vaulted sky is blue and sprinkled by hundreds of little yellow stars. Between the arches that separate the central nave from the side aisles, it was decorated with exquisite flowers painted in red and yellow, giving it the appearance of a spring that never leaves the temple, even on the windiest days. Its Patron saint is Jesus of Nazareth and their celebration is on August 30th.

Lemuy Island – Aldachildo Map

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