“Liucura” in its native tongue means “White Stone”, Located in the southeast of the Lemuy Island, this area is geographically composed by the town Liucura, Cahueldao, Chaichaén and Marica. The rural settlement is distributed by a long line of coastal edge, joined by the seafront and a vehicle road that connects this area to the interior system of secondary roads, Puchilco and Detif.
It highlights its seafront, where Black-Necked Swans meet and nest, also where there are places to fish Clams, Jackknife Clams, Mussels and fishing areas, where there’s an abundance of European Bass, Pejerrey and Sierra. Among the birds endemic species are found such as the Tiuque, Queltehue, Chilean Chorlo, Bandurrias, Cometocino, Chucao, Zorzál, Cancón, Diuca, El Rayadito, Zarapitos, Chilote Diucón among others.

The Liucura church is an important symbol, not only of faith but also of the identity of whom inhabit Liucura. Its construction is estimated to take place in the 20th century, it considers a first rectangular basal die, defined by four large pillars that continue until they overlap with the pillars of the figure of the second body, culminating in the spire and the tower cross, from whose base the bells hang.

Its Religious festivity takes place on the 30th of August where it’s celebrated the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth to the area.

Lemuy Island – Liucura Map

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