Dear passenger, we take the liberty to issue some advice on your trip on the Skorpios:

  • Remember that you are on an exploration cruise, and therefore you must wear adequate clothing, low heeled shoes or trekking footwear is recommendable, as are quickly drying trousers and some waterproof gear. Polars, caps and special jackets are really useful for the cold and wind. A small backpack is useful during our excursions.
  • A swimsuit is important on the Chonos Route because we visit the Termas de Quitralco.
  • Don’t forget some semiformal clothes for the Captain’s Dinner.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen because UV rays are also present in Patagonia.
  • A digital camera or video camera are essential to record the marvels of Patagonia. Remember to bring enough memory cards and battery chargers. We also recommend small binoculars for bird or animal watching.
  • Read about glaciers and investigate them, this will help you understand the glaciological terms used by our guides.
  • Bring the medications you needs as there is no possibility of opurchasing them onboard or on shore.