As part of our ongoing concern for the protection of our natural environment, Naviera y Turismo Skorpios S.A. over our over fifty years of navigation and explorations in the austral areas of our country, have been especially concerned about provoking no or minimal environmental impact on the natural environment in which we operate.

The conservation of landscape in its natural state, the protection of endemic species, the avoidance of traumatic contact with local fauna and species and the protection of the ecosystems of our navigational areas have been and will always be a permanent concern of our Company so as to avoid any pollution during our visits to our natural and untouched environments.

The entire Naviera y Turismo Skorpios S.A. fleet and its shipboard and on land staff and our special collaborators, maintain a special respect for environmental protection, following the policies established by the Company in order that our vessels fulfil National and lnternational regulations regarding environmental protection and all that it entails.

ln our permanent interest in innovation and creating new instances of service excellence, we have set up a joint operation with the National Forest Corporation, CONAF, establishing mutual cooperation links for the conservation of the environment and ecosystems, which might be affected by our presence in the area, including the construction of paths with small bridges to reach glaciers that are far from the sea in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, and talks and lectures on caring for the environment in which we sail, all of which is aimed at making our presence as environmental friendly as possible.

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