It is a private park belonging to the Family of Mr Jaime Perez, whom on a visiting trip on the year 2002 to the Lemuy Island was infatuated with the place and going back to Santiago sold all his properties and closed his businesses to settle in the Island buying a property very near to Puqueldon, on its way to Lincay, where he built his house and some cottages. Back then his yard was for personal use only, until a tourist asked to enter the place, moment when he decided to open the park towards tourism, with a beautiful trail. The name “Yayanes” comes from the nickname his grandchildren gave him so that is how he named it.

You first enter through a 30-meter-long suspension bridge, to then immediately enter a typical Cold Jungle Forest, very abundant in native trees and many Arrayán and Quila, where we cross very well marked and demarcated trails, the duration of this Trekking is 40 minutes walking slowly, until we reach a natural waterfall that impresses with its beauty. We have to be careful to walk on it, it is recommended to wear appropriate footwear also doing it carefully for the elderly.

The park Yayanes counts as well with a nice cafeteria to enjoy the delicious Chiloé confectionery with natural products and with a view of the park. It also has bathrooms for its customers.

Lemuy Island – Yayanes Park Map

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