Quehui is an island in the Chiloé Archipelago, Región de Los Lagos. It has an area of 27,6 km² (17.15 miles) and a population as of 2017, of 699 inhabitants. It integrates the commune of Castro.

The island has an area of (17.15 miles) and an approximate east-west length of 9,6 km (5 miles). It’s shaped like crab claws, separated by the Pinto estuary. It counts with a population of only 699 inhabitants. The main town is the Hamlet of Los Ángeles where the Church and a beautiful historical museum are located. Other areas of the island are: Peldehue, San Miguel and Camahue. The island’s economy is fundamentally based on subsistence agriculture, seaweed fishing harvesting and artisanal fishing.

Here we will stay for a few hours to know the Chilote culture of this emblematic island of great importance in the Archipelago.

Quehui Island Map

Satellite Map